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Anniversary gift part 1

Group SexTabooMature

My best friend and her husband recently realized that they wanted to explore the “lifestyle” that they knew my husband and I had been exploring for nearly a decade now. I could tell that the stories of my escapades that I would share with them over a few beers were really turning them on, but I was kinda surprised when she started talking about us getting together on a night that the k**s were at their grandparents. My husband and I weren’t sure just how open they were or if they had boundaries? Since we are total pervs without any boundaries, we didn’t want to assume that they were just like… Read more

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My first embarrassing spanking / Andy exposed

FetishMasturbationGay Male

Growing up I’ve always had an interest in spankings. I’m sure it all started from being spanked as a k**. I’m a happily married 52 year old white male. To give you a better picture of me, I’m 6ft, 195 lbs, short red hair, smooth body, 5 1/2 inch cut cock, decent shape. My curiosity to receive a spanking as an adult grew more and more. I was wanting to be spanked by an older man. Not a severe spanking, but one that would leave my ass red. And to have a feeling of shame, embarrassment, guilt and being exposed to another man, a complete stranger, in such a naughty way. I signed up to a gay spanki… Read more

Posted by Htbird 3 hours ago 164 100%

Wife destroyed my race car


If it wasn't for the cute 19 year old that moved in next door I would have never known. For the last 2 years I was working on my 1986 Ford Mustang 5.0 HO. I spent a lot of time and even more money tearing down the 302 engine block replacing just about everything that could be replaced. I rebuilt it three times each time a major problem developed as I was breaking it in taking it easy for the first 500 miles. The first time the heads did not seat properly on the block. The second time the valves began knocking and a cylinder lost compression. I figured on the third rebuilt it would be a charm b… Read more

Posted by pedalezine 3 hours ago 2 571 100%

Your Wish Is My command

Interracial SexTabooVoyeur

Laura & Larry always ask for stories in which Laura is taken by a strange black man without her knowing about it until afterwards Larry's persistence that they wait for the crowd at the concert to file out before them in their head long pursuit to return to their homes was normally a valid idea. If there were going to be any car accidents they would take place during the throngs head long rush to get home at the end of a concert and not a half an hour later when most were well on their way down the highway. However Larry's timing this time was extremely bad, Laura reasoned, as the batter… Read more

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Wife Gives In At A Party

Interracial SexFirst TimeTaboo

Kim was a pretty woman in her late-twenties. She was married to a long-distance trucker named Larry who was seldom home. Kim was sure Larry loved his truck more than her and she didn't care much for Larry either. Kim got pregnant she was still in high school. Now that her youngest c***d was in grade school, she wanted to get an education. Larry thought she should stick to raising the k**s, watching game shows and meeting his needs after a road trip. When Larry played linebacker in high school, he was a fit 220 pounds. After living for years on colas and truck stop food, Larry weighed 280 pou… Read more

Posted by cuckwanabe1983 4 hours ago 2 1,255 100%

Whites taken by Africans

First TimeTabooInterracial Sex

Whites Taken by Africans As I have specified before ... I was an oil engineer on the African continent for two decades. I had witnessed many things that the main stream media has not addressed. Black on white dominance was very prevalent in many countries. There were many whites victimized of killings, theft, slavery and ****. I have written a number of stories of black lust on this dark continent. The sad truth is almost nothing has really changed ... it's just slipped under the rug. In 1982 a man who we will address as Jason was a prominent engineer that signed a contract to oversee an oil… Read more

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Interracial SexTabooHardcore

FEAR, RELUCTANCE, ACCEPTING , SUBMISSION Of the unknown. Of your Insecurities. Your shortcomings. Your inadequacies. Your wife in bed; naked ivory princess. She pleads while you make love: "Deeper! Harder!" Grit your teeth and pound with all your might. Pound! Pound! Pound! Still, she pleads. Desperation in her eyes. "DEEPER! HARDER!" You're as deep and hard as you can get. Just dirty talk? Or does she... Mean it? Is your very best not good enough? Fear of the Other. Dangerous. Primal. Unpredictable. Large. Muscular. Athletic. Black. You see how they observe your wife. Her swinging B… Read more

Posted by cuckwanabe1983 4 hours ago 127 100%

The beginning of my curiosity (pt2)

Shemale PornFirst Time

Having squired a collection of porn while on vacation with my parents. I had successfully hidden them in the basement. consisting of mostly straight porn novels and a couple of hard core magazines, and a few gay and bisexual books. I could not wait to show my friends! A couple of buddies had shared some of the nudie magazines their fathers had. Mostly Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler. We had discovered that we could sneak an issue or two out at a time careful to never take too many at once least they be missed. One or two at a time was the rule. My father had a small collection in his bedroom cl… Read more

Posted by Mifunseeker 5 hours ago 315 100%

Doctor helps women have proper orgasms


They call me the orgasm doctor. I had a small "clinic" just outside Chicago. I got a call from a blonde single mom who said she hadn't had a proper orgasm in years. I told her I could help. We set up an appointment and after the sitter, she arrived at my office at 9:00 sharp. I answered the door, and on the other side stood a tall blonde natural beauty in her early 30s wearing a flowery dress, her face showing a modicum of embarrassment. I smiled and told her to come inside and have a seat. My clinical attire set her a little at ease as I explained to her step by step what was going to happen… Read more

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My first threesome

First TimeTaboo

I was traveling home from a sweet mutual wank session with a guy and his wife and as I sat at the back of the bus I was simi hard and rubbing my cock over my jeans, I could not wait to get back to my room I rented at my stepsisters place, to get myself off but as I walked in my stepsister called me into her room where she was watching the TV. She was laying on the bed and invited me to lay down beside her and watch the TV, I didn't hesitate and soon the questions began to be asked like where had I been and what had I been up to so without further delay I told her I had been Wanking a guy and h… Read more

Posted by TheFirm 5 hours ago 2 745 100%

Workmate Sex

First TimeGay MaleMature

At 18 years old I was doing my engineering apprenticeship. This was the late 70's when we still had a big engineering factories The work was pretty physical, noisy and dirty but I had some good mates there was fun as well as the work. We would usually have a pint or two after work on a Friday and that is where the story begins. I was drinking when one of the older guys came and sat next to me. "So what are you up to this weekend?" "Probably a bit more of this to be honest, my girlfriend is off with her parents to a family wedding" Ray sympathised "my wife is away too with her sister at Bu… Read more

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Lust; A story full of new sexual experiences that


Once again, I was ending the night masturbating after being extremely horny because of my daughter’s adventures. Today had been a crazy day, and I couldn't believe what had happened after I calmed my horny thoughts with an orgasm. I went to sleep like an angel after that. In the morning, I woke up early and made breakfast. When the k**s came down, I served them some cereal and grabbed the banana my daughter had put in her ass the night before and gave it to my son. I looked at my daughter’s face when she saw that it was the same she had used, and it was great. After that, they both went upsta… Read more

Posted by infodatila 6 hours ago 567 100%

Sissy Femboy Chrissy in Drag 2: At John's Pla

Gay MaleShemale PornMature

This is Part 2 to the article I wrote called "Sissy Femboy Chrissy in Drag at the Club." In that story I explained how I am 41 but look, feel and sound younger, that I shave myself smooth and like dressing in gurly panties and other female clothes to be a sissy femboy for older guys. A guy I met on AdultFriendFinder, "John Smith," is in his 60s, with wrinkles, gray hair, and is very masculine, which is what i am attracted to. "John" likes shemales, drag queens, crossdressers, and the like, and asked me to wear a… Read more

Posted by ChrissyinSD 6 hours ago 156

Sissy Femboy Chrissy in Drag at the Club

Gay MaleShemale PornFetish

"Can you wear a dress tonight?" "I can't crossdress in public, I'm not 'out' and don't want to be seen that way." "That's okay. We're going to a gay-only club that has a drag queen show tonight, so you'd fit right in." "Cool, but I'll have to change when we get there." "Awesome! See you tonight!" And that was my conversation with a new lover I just met on AdultFriendFinder. The guy is in his upper 60s, gray hair, wrinkles, very masculine, exactly what I am attracted to. He likes the fact that I am a sissy femboy,… Read more

Posted by ChrissyinSD 7 hours ago 390 100%

Graduation party , Curious first encounter.

MasturbationGay MaleFirst Time

It was the summer of 2009 , I was 19 , I was sitting in the bleachers at my high school's graduation ceremony. (I tested out for my G.E.D. the previous year so I was not walking the stage with my friends but I was there to support.) The ceremony took place and after things ended we all planned to meet at a friend's house for a graduation party later that night, little did I know what an epic night it would be for me. **A little backstory, I am 30 now and realize I am bisexual at this point but during my teenage years and early adulthood I identified as 100% straight and only dated girl… Read more

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Craving Bond

Interracial SexCelebrityHardcore

I wanted to meet Jeni bond a Home Shopping Network product demo lady that I really think is gorgeous, she's lovely sexy and tan. i came into the studios and greeted her. "Jeni Bond, your word is your bond." I said to her walking up to her. "yes it is but that's not what you're here for is it?" she asked. "I really wanted to meet you, I know you're married but I must say you have a gorgeous figure." I told her. "really?" she asked. "I'm serious I always check you out your presentations on Bissell and Hoover vacuum clea… Read more

Posted by williacj 7 hours ago 254

Granddad's Girly Gals 2: Initiate Ingenue Ing

First TimeBDSMTaboo

Grandfather GREGORY Goracy-Goral Gives Granddaughters GALA & GINA Great G-spot Groping =========================================================================== Gorgeous Gala Gives Great Granddad Greg Her Horny Hot Head Initiating Intimately Ingenue Inga Greedy Gala Goes all the Way Wild Wanton Women Wants Shy Sister See Self Some SLAVE SEX Gorgeous Gala Gives Great Seductive Sensual Slow Show So Ingenue Inga Immediately Interested Greedy Gala Gives Great Hot Head to Energise & Erect Exotic Erotic Experiment in Inga's Big EYES ===================================================… Read more

Posted by petdyke 8 hours ago 10,152 67%

Down but not out

AnalGroup SexGay Male

This story is based on fact not fiction it took place nearly twenty years ago but the memories are as fresh as the day it happened My girl friend at the time Jennifer had just dumped me and in the process of tearing my heart out she also made it a point to let all are mutual friends know what a sissy i really was. You see Jennifer had stumbled on to my collection of women's panties. At first Jennifer accused me of cheating on her but i told her the panties were really mine. Jennifer then said yeah right prove it . I took off my pants and there it was i had on Pink satin panties. Jennifer's… Read more

Posted by petrice 8 hours ago 588 100%

Diploma Pick-up Pt II - A Plan Is Hatched

Gay MaleShemale PornHardcore

Cortez left the office just before five o’clock. He said goodnight before heading out the door. Once in his Chevy Tahoe, he placed a call via bluetooth. “What’s up, dad,” the sinewy, long-shanked guy answered. “How you doing, Zan,” checked the father of two. “Pretty good, man! How about you?” “I’m doing good too.” “How’s Sonya,” the soldier inquired about his stepmother. “She’s good too. I’ll tell her you asked about her. So, the reason I was calling was to see if you’d be up for a visit towards the end of the month.” “From who?” “Me, crazy,” chuckled the medium brown-skinned former college… Read more

Posted by faggyboi 8 hours ago 85

a shared time with another on xhampster


would you like me to write a little story for you? about how I would 'enjoy' being with you ? 13:15 o yes, you can do that 13:20 well I AM a very naughty old man ... and my pleasure is mostly about giving pleasure ... so the one with me cums first ... over and over again 13:22 I would undress you ... cuddle up to you ... hold you in my arms without any actual sex touching ... just a warm embrace ... with my head nuzzled up to your head 13:23 a warm breath across your ear ... then my tongue would flick out and just give a stab at your earlobe and then a warm lip slowly moving down the side of y… Read more

Posted by anastyperv 9 hours ago 168